​Parents ​: Help Your Kids Speak Spanish At Home

​(even if you don't speak it yourself!)  

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​Parents of Elementary and Middle School Students:

Are you looking for a summer enrichment course for your child?

​Are you wishing your children could learn another language?

Are you a native Spanish speaker whose children don't speak Spanish?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this class if for you!

Studying Spanish Builds...

*Future Career Opportunities

*Problem Solving Skills

*Confidence & Creativity

Free class on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 7:00 pm

You Will Learn:

​3 Top Mistakes We Make When We Study Foreign Languages--And How to Avoid Them
​Simple ​Steps for Practicing Spanish at Home
​A Short Spanish Lesson

Join Us For Learning and Fun!

​Tuesday, May 26, 2020

​7:00 pm Central Time

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​Your​ Hosts:

Xavier Gutiérrez is a native Spanish speaker in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  He began speaking English at the age of 6 years old at Colegio Americano.  He brings experience teaching young learners and his love of music and games to the world of Spanish learning.  With a career in hotel management, Xavier uses his English to build positive relationships with visitors to Guayaquil from all over the world.

​Andrea Happel is a Spanish Teacher in Iowa.

​Andrea loves teaching Spanish to all ages.  In college, she studied abroad in Ecuador and graduated with a BA in Spanish and English.  She taught English in both Ecuador and Korea.  Teaching endorsements are K-12 Spanish, English, and Bilingual Education.  ​​Andrea is also a homeschooling parent and Leadership Coach.

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