​​How can you help your children speak another language at Home?

​Find out below...

​If you're like most adults I talk with, you studied another language in high school...but you don't speak it now.

(Is that you too?)

You're not alone!

I get it...your children are learning at home to have a personalized education.

And yet, it can be frustrating when you want them to learn something

you ​don't feel equipped to teach.  

There are choices out there, sure...

but how to select the best ones for your family?

It's overwhelming!

Good news.

Get your top questions answered. Enter your info below and get your guide to cut through the clutter and find your path to foreign language study in your home.*

​You'll find my answers to the questions people ask me all the time!

​I also give my recommendations for both free and paid materials..

​WHY I like them...

so that you'll feel confident

about choosing what works for your family!


*Note: ​You'll also get tips, resources and opportunities.

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