Parents: Your Children Can

Speak Spanish At Home!

(even if you don't!)

Parents of Homeschool Students:

Are you wishing your children could learn another language?

Do your high school students need Foreign Language credits?

Do you want your children to connect with their Spanish speaking heritage?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions,

check out our program:

Studying Spanish Builds...

*Future Career Opportunities

*Problem Solving Skills

*Confidence & Creativity

But Here's the Problem...

I talk with students of all ages.

This is what I hear:

"I studied Spanish in high school...but I can't really speak it now."  

I tutor high school students who are struggling to master all the grammar, words, and concepts in a typical textbook...over 2,000 words per year!

Sadly, in many typical classrooms, students learn about the language, but they're not using it to communicate.

And the solution...

Your students don't need 2,000 words...

or even 500...

they don't need to know how to buy a hammer...

or a washing machine...

not yet!

How many words do you really need to get through the day?

Take a guess...

It's 50!  Just 50 base words!

Doesn't it make sense to learn those first?

In this program, we slow down to speed up.  

We follow the principles of TPRS®,

Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling.

Students listen and learn to speak in a relaxed, fun, creative environment.  They understand what teachers say and quickly speak it themselves.  They tell stories and learn to have conversations.

The results are amazing!

This class gave my daughter so much confidence! And she was able to be in public and hear Spanish and know what the conversation was about.

High school parent, 2022

Join Our Spanish Membership

We started our membership-style classes in 2021, and it was fantastico, so we keep doing it!

Your high school students need foreign language credit.  As a homeschooling parent, it's hard to know where to start.  In this program, your students will get live online instruction and fulfill their requirements.  

How Much?

Studying another language can be confusing, or expensive, or may have experience with this.

If you were to sign up for private tutoring,  you could pay $75/hour in some platforms...which over the course of the year would make this program cost $6750!

Some tutors will charge less, like $50/hour, which would cost $4,500 over the course of the year.  

Or, you could get a program and study on your own, which is less expensive, but not interactive.

Our Solution

Engaging, story-based, interactive sessions with other students.  In our classes, we personalize our language.  We make it fun using ridiculous details. One of our students had an (imaginary) cat as big as a house!  It led to all sorts of problemas...(bet you can guess what that word means, right?)

Bottom line?  Students said that personalizing the language, and continuing to add details, was the most helpful aspect of their learning.

They were able to take what they were learning and relate those words to common objects or actions.

Elementary Parent, 2022

Please contact Andrea at

for further information.

Your Children Can

Speak Spanish!

 Enrollment is now open for the 2023-2024 school year.

What You Get:

Live Online Spanish Lessons

Speaking, Reading, and Writing

Learning Community

...and more!

High school classes meet three hours per week via Zoom. 

Classes will meet in the afternoons as follows.

Spanish 1 will meet Monday/Thursday between 3:15-5:00 Central

Spanish 2 will meet Tuesday/Thursday between 1:30- 3:00 Central

Exact schedule within those timeframes to be determined.  


or $800 for the school year



Ms. Andrea is a pleasure to work with and my daughter always looks forward to her Spanish sessions.  Her methods encourage creativity and she keeps my daughter engaged and excited to learn.  I highly recommend Spanish with Ms. Andrea as a fun supplement to any student's academic growth. 

Sara W, Iowa

Your Teachers

Stay tuned...this section is being updated!

Andrea Happel is a Spanish Teacher in Iowa.

Andrea loves teaching Spanish to all ages.  In college, she studied abroad in Ecuador and graduated with a BA in Spanish and English.  She taught English in both Ecuador and Korea.  Teaching endorsements are K-12 Spanish, English, and Bilingual Education.  Andrea is also a homeschooling parent and Leadership Coach.

Start learning with us!

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We want you to be delighted.  Test Spanish With Andrea for a full month of classes.  If it doesn't work for your family, let us know in writing what was not working in the first 30 days, and receive a  full refund.  If you have any issues, just get in touch with us and we will help you get the results you need.

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