You’re here because you want to provide another language for your children.
You know the benefits. You know the advantages you want your children to have in today’s interconnected world.
You’ve seen the ads that promise miracles through various programs.
You might even speak another language yourself. Are there boxed sets of foreign language materials on your shelf? Books with pictures and vocabulary?

And yet, there’s still a mystery.
Which programs? What if you took another language way back when but never learned to actually use it? How to actually get started?

I’m here to help you demystify the whole process.
I’m a mom, a homeschooler, and I drive a minivan.
In another time, I traveled the world and became a Spanish teacher. I’ve studied other languages, and I’ve shared that with my kids.
I can help.

Stay tuned. I will share my reviews, silly stories, tips, tricks of the trade and resources to help you open new worlds to your children.

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